Tid-Bettes and Non Tid-Bettes: 11-04-2011

It’s In The Tea:

Many people have inquired about the tea that knocks Ms. Midler out and helps her sleep. Well, I remember the days when bourbon did it for me, but that’s another story and I’d tell if I could remember. So let’s get back to Bette! I didn’t tape the Joy Behar show, so I couldn’t reference it, so I did the next best thing and asked Bette’s assistant….so all you sleep apnea sufferers, insomniacs, or night zombies…here ya go: The name of the tea is Lemon Verbana Tea, but the big secret is to buy it dried and loose….

The BLB Calendars Brought To You By The Bette Midler Fansite

I’ll try to find a way to make them bigger so you can see them better.  Thanks again Bette Midler Fansite!

I Have My Own App On iPhone and Android:

Download the Don Bradshaw Mobile App

Check out the new Mobile App by Don Bradshaw. This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device. But right now just my cheesy music…I’m just trying to get myself motivated to play and sing again, it’s been over a year!

iPhone Link: Click Here

Android Link: Click Here

Thank you everybody and have a great weekend!

Love, Mister D

PS: Everybody with an Verizon email address your updates are bouncing and a couple of people with aol addresses are bouncing, but maybe ya’ll are blocking me. I know 2 people that block me on everything….makes it hard to say Happy Birthday, but I think they’d just as well not hear from me.  But as Bette says “it makes no never mind!”
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7 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes and Non Tid-Bettes: 11-04-2011

  1. you are fancy…my phone doesn’t even have a camera! LOL! Man, I wish four hours of sleep were enough for me…people say you need less sleep as you get older…can’t wait for that! LOL!

    1. Thanks Eric….the recordings are mostly demos with just me and keyboard although i have a few silly ones with tracks. I was hoping this would inspire me to start playing again…it’s been over a year!

  2. Okay, it’s awesome! If I had that kind of talent I would not let a day go by, much less a year?!?!? Don’t wait a minute longer! Kevin heard me playing it and he is downloading the app as I type this message. Take care.

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