Bette Midler Denied Portable Toilets Offer But OWS Comes Through!

Occupy Wall Street gets portable toilets
Published: Nov. 5, 2011 at 2:50 PM

NEW YORK, Nov. 5 (UPI) — Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan landed portable toilets, something the movement has been lacking for seven weeks.

Initially, occupiers of Zuccotti Park were relying on fast-food restaurants and other establishments in the area for their restrooms, the Los Angeles Times reported.

But neighbors of the park complained to public officials that protesters were urinating and defecating in public spaces.

Occupy Wall Street’s Web site said Friday the group “is providing access to porta-potties in a private, well-lit space with 24-hour security, only 2 blocks away from the square,” adding, “We will continue to work hard to improve the quality of life at and around Zuccotti Park, as we continue pursuing our larger purpose of improving the quality of life for all.”

Singer Bette Midler offered to pay for toilets for the group last week, but a permit requesting to put them in the park was denied. The portable toilets are located on a loading dock of the United Teachers Federation building.
In a joint statement, several local politicians praised the protesters, saying, “We appreciate their attention to this issue.”

The statement went on to say, “The fact that both the City and OWS are making progress in addressing serious qualityof-life issues signals that there is a path for solving these and other emerging concerns.”

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4 thoughts on “Bette Midler Denied Portable Toilets Offer But OWS Comes Through!

  1. That’s my girl….:-) I so agree with what she said. You may disagree with the protesters in some aspects, but this is a sign (FINALLY for those in your country) that REAL change must be done before we all sink. No matter where you are, we are all part of this financial system that isn’t working for MOST people in the world.

    “The ship is SINKING. God is away on business, BUSINESS!”LOL

  2. I really appreciate her efforts – thank you Miss M!! – but what is happening right now, with Zucotti Park being cleared by police in riot gear, seems to give the absolute, bald-faced lie to the idea that the city had any interest in addressing any of OWS’s concerns. 🙁

    1. Well wasn’t it the city that blocked her efforts to put poy-o-potties down there, too. I don’t have the answer but it seems that big money always wins out…

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