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What is a Life Path Number?
The Life Path Number is derived from the birthdate. It represents a person’s core character attributes. It is one of the most important numbers in a numerology profile. It is your numerologicalDNA“.

The Life Path Number: 5

Those with a life path number of 5 (“Fives“) capture the spirit of exploration, adventure and that which is new. Fives find it difficult to maintain routine patterns in their everyday lives because they yearn for progress and the thrill of uncharted territory. Those with a life path number of five resist restrictions and strive for freedom — both physically and spiritually. A Five often values experiences that are new and un-tried more highly than things that he or she has already done before. Oppressive work environments and professional restrictions are particularly unacceptable to Fives, who prefer free environments and opportunities for both creative decision-making and open communication.

Fives love to travel and they love to spend time abroad. Fives also love to try new things, and as such they usually develop a variety of skills sometimes unrelated to one another. On the downside, a Five’s broad range of interestes will often make a Five good at many things, but master of none. In the worst cases, Fives are ‘dabblers’ — never becoming focused enough to achieve success in any single area.

Fives excel at interpersonal skills. Their love of new things and new people often gives them vast experience with many kinds of people. On a personal level, many Fives avoid other individuals who have single-minded fixations or very focused goals. Of course, opposites attract and there are many cases of Fives actually benefiting from a relationship with someone who has intense interests on a single subject. Fives have a wonderful personality and are commonly forces for improvement, change and the bringing together of ideas from distant places. It is important to remember where Fives perform best, and worst: Broad opportunities and open environments will allow Fives to soar.

What is a Destiny Number?
The Destiny Number is derived from the first, middle and last names given to a person at birth. It represents events, goals and one’s ultimate mission in life. After the Life Path number, it is the second most important number in a numerology profile.

The Destiny Number: 5

A destiny number of 5 suggests a future that is set free from restraints and obligations. A destiny number of 5 suggests a future that is set free from restraints and obligations. Freedom is referenced here in it’s many forms: A liberated mindset, unfettered action, and a throwing off of social restraints. Those individuals with a “5” destiny will find themselves successfully adapting over and over again to multiple sets of conditions in life. These differences in lifestyle and environment are often sought out by those eternally unsatisfied with what they have or where they are.

The natural flexibility referenced in this destiny number also indicates an ability to absorb new ideas and to understand new things. Potential career paths include self-employment (in it’s many forms) because of the freedom it affords — or anything which relates to new ideas, new strategies or new technologies. The natural versatility of an individual with the “5” destiny gives him or her natural adaptation and survival skills in many areas of life.

This destiny may indicate a tendency to move in and out of relationships. Some individuals with this destiny are “free spirits”, never settling down. Others manage to add a constant stream of change and vitality to their relationships — preserving an essential “newness” to everyday life.

Potential warnings contained in the 5 destiny are the tendency to be unfocused, or to waste energy on multiple tasks when only may be truly important. Some people with this destiny are “jacks of all trades, but masters of none”. In worse cases, their inability to focus makes impatient and unable to concentrate on anything at all. Time must be taken to review mistakes that are made. What went wrong? How can they be avoided in the future? Many with the 5 destiny never ask such questions, and repeat their mistakes again and again.

What is a Soul Urge Number?
The Soul Urge Number or the “Desire Number”, represents hidden and sub-surface desires. While less powerful and influtential than the Life Path and Destiny, these are are the things we crave and bring us inner happiness.

The Soul Urge Number: 6

Individuals with a Soul Urge of 6 long for acknowledgement and appreciation. Such desires may not top their list — instead they run like undercurrents beneath all things. To be appreciated, and to have one’s work acknowledged brings a deep sense of personal satisfaction and happiness. Such appreciation may exist at home, at work or in society.

What is a Inner Dream Number?
The Inner Dream Number is the least powerful and important of all the numbers in a numerology profile, but it occasionally rises to the surface and becomes important. It represents often unrealized, subconcious notions which occasionally exert influence over us.

The Inner Dream Number: 8

An Inner Dream number of 8 indicates a dream of success in the corporate world, or a chance of political power. There is a strong desire for success within a structured environment, which could either represent a business hierarchy or a political system. This may also indicate an entrepreneurial streak.

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