BetteBack March 21, 1988: Another B for Bette — Baby!

Syracuse Herald- Journal
Another B for Bette – baby!
Monday, March 21, 1988

Brash, bouncy, busty Bette Midler will soon fit another B-word, and it will make her quite blousy. You guessed it: Midler, 42, is expecting a baby, her second. And she is one busy bombshell.

Midler’s making a movie, “Beaches” (also starring Barbara Hershey), finishing an HBO special called “The Mondo Beyondo
Show,” and perfecting her singing in the Beverly Hills home she shares with her husband and 16-month-old, Sophie. The
Disney comedy “Big Business,” starring Bette and Lily Tomlin, should arrive in June. The baby is due in October.

Midler knows what it’s like to make a f i lm while .with babe. She was also pregnant during the making of “Outrageous Fortune.”

“The first one we’re bringing up strictly on brown rice, no TV and classical music – the second one on Big Macs, mayonnaise, Diet Cokes and Michael Jackson,” quipped husband Martin von Haselberg, a performance artist and commodities trader (the jobs don’t appear related, though both require good moves on the floor). “We’ll see who grows up the least neurotic,” he said.

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