BetteBack : What Top Female Business Women Earned In 1988

Syracuse Herald-Journal
They’re In The Money
Monday, October 17, 1980

They’re in the money. Oh Mare, do you really make all that dough?

Yes, Mr  G r a n t,  it’s so!

Mary Tyler Moore, actress and director of MTM Productions, is the highest paid woman in America, according to a survey of 1988 women financial superstars conducted by Qood Housekeeping magazine. Her projected earnings are S82 million. Also in the top 20, and their projected earnings:

Ӣ Margaret Hunt Hill, owner of oil and real estate interests in Dallas, Texas Р$55 million.
Ӣ Helen Kinney Copley, CEO of Copley Press Р$40 million.
Ӣ Estee Lauder, chairman of Estee Lauder Cosmetics Co. Р$35 million.
Ӣ Caroline Rose Hunt, owner of real estate company and holder of oil and finance interests in Dallas Р$30 million.
Ӣ Actress and pop singer Madonna Р$20 million
Ӣ Jane Fonda Р$17.5 million.
Ӣ Oveta Culp Hobby, chairman of H & C Communications Р$17 million
Ӣ Donna Steigerwaldt, CEO, Jockey International, underwear manufacturer Р$15 million.
Ӣ Priscilla B. Collins, chairman of King Broadcasting Р$13 million.
Ӣ Dolly Parton Р$13 million.
Ӣ Talk show host Oprah Winfrey Р$12 million.
Ӣ Beatrice Coleman, CEO, Maidenform Р$8 million.
Ӣ Cher Р$6 million.
Ӣ Whitney Houston Р$6 million.
Ӣ Bette Midler Р$5 million.
Ӣ Lily Tomlin Р$5 million
Ӣ Katharine Graham, chairman, Washington Post Co. Р$4.5 million.

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4 thoughts on “BetteBack : What Top Female Business Women Earned In 1988

  1. That’s it? Seems like it should be more. Wait! What the hell am I saying…I don’t have 5 dollars! Make that money baby!

  2. I do too. I was adding in my head, and it does seem like she should have gotten more. It doesn’t sound right at all.

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