BetteBack – Sunday, October 2,1988: Angry Housewives

Mister D: I think this would have been fun!

The Salina Journal
Sunday, October 2,1988

What’s this about Bette Midler making a screen comeback in her original role of a randy rock ‘n’ roll singer?–M.E.

As Bette firmly moves into middle age and motherhood, the in-concert rock ‘n’ roll raunch of the “Divine Miss M” recedes further into the past.

Bette is a genuine star, a movie comedienne now, working for the Walt Disney studio. Word is that she’ll echo her past to some extent with a new film.

It’s about a quartet of housewives who form a punk rock band. The title is “Angry Housewives” and is based on a stage comedy.- –

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2 thoughts on “BetteBack – Sunday, October 2,1988: Angry Housewives

  1. It seems that Bette has been associated with a fair number of films that never came too fruition. I wonder how many there were? Yes, this one does indeed sound like a lot of fun. So did “Palm Beached”, and the she-almost-did-it George Balanchine’s “Threepenny Opera”. I would have loved to see more of these come to pass. I wonder if they were due to funding issues? Raising money for a movie is never easy……

    1. I know, it’s so frustrating….The Balanchine project fell through due to him dropping dead to put it rudely….None of those movies i’ve mentioned have never been made yet

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