BetteBack June 7, 1990: US magazine readers rate Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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US magazine readers rate Arsenic best, Roseanne worst
June 7, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) – Move over, Johnny and Dave. Arsenio is the fairest in late-night TV talk show land these days. At least that’s how US magazine readers see it. US magazine’s third annual readers’ poll, which surveyed 3,600 people, showed its readers to be a fickle lot.

Just last year, they chose Roseanne Barr as the best TV actress, but this year she was named worst TV actress. She also was named “most overexposed actress” and her show, “Roseanne,” was “the worst TV series ”

On the other hand, they love “Roseanne” co-star John Goodman, although not his fashion sense. He was named “best TV actor” and “worst dressed actor” by readers responding to a ballot published in the March 5 issue.

Other picks

Best movie actor. Tom Cruise Worst: Sylvester Stallone.

Best movie actress Bette Midler. Worst Madonna.

Hottest New Actress- Julia Roberts of “Pretty Woman.”

Hottest New Actor: Richard Grieco, star of TV’s “Booker ”

Best Movie. “Born on the Fourth of July ” Worst “Batman.”

Best TV actor John Goodman Worst Bill Cosby.

Best TV actress Candice Bergen Worst- Roseanne Barr

Entertainer of the Year and best late night talk show host: Arsenio Hall.

Best Musical Group New Kids On The Block. Worst- Guns N’ Roses

Best male singer: Richard Marx Worst: Prince.

Best female singer Paula Abdul (who also won best hairdo honors). Worst: Madonna

And in the “make up your mind” category, readers chose:

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as this year’s best movie couple and Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner as the worst.

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