BetteBack November 26, 1991: For These Entertainers Are The Holidays Naughty Or Nice?

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Holidays may not be so merry for these entertainers
November 26, 1991

Holidays may not be so merry for these entertainers. Here’s who is under the gun in Hollywood these days, according to Hollywood insiders:

”¢ Bruce Willis – “Hudson Hawk” bombed, “Mortal Thoughts” went unheeded, and the onetime TV idol is still held partly responsible for “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” Will “The Last Boy Scout” give him something to smirk about?

”¢ Steven Spielberg – His reputation could use some repolishing, especially after the disappointment of “Always.” “Hook” is his most obvious attempt to recapture the magic of “E.T.: the Extraterrestrial.”

”¢ Bette Midler – The once divine Miss M has grown a little staid; “Scenes from a Mall” and “Stella” gave her two flops in a row. Will “For the Boys” allow bawdy Bette to shine through?

”¢ Barbra Streisand – The screen diva hasn’t directed since “Yentl” and hasn’t acted since the disappointing “Nuts.” She does both in “The Prince of Tides,” and the word is that she willingly subordinates her role to Nick Nolte’s

”¢ Oliver Stone – Will “JFK” provide an irresistible opportunity for Stone’s famous flamboyance? Or will it provide the proper channel for his equally undeniable passion for strong cinematic storytelling?

”¢ Macaulay Culkin – One Hollywood executive claims that Little Mac was given too much credit for “Home Alone.” How will the public respond to young Culkin’s mellow role in “My Girl”?

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