BetteBack December 1, 1991: Bring The Musical Back!

Pulaski Southwest Times
December 1, 1991

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)Bette Midler, basking in rave reviews for her starring role in the War musical “For The Boys,” says she’s determined to restore the musicals to its former glory.

All the people who knew how to do them well have died off,”.Midler told The Tennessean in an interview published Friday.

“Nobody set up art apprenticeship program to bring on new people. There are photographers but there now who won’t even shoot the feet of dancers,” she said.

Midler, a Grammy – award singer whose film credits include “Outrageous Fortune,” “Ruthless People” and “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” believes big screen musicals are good entertainment, even for young people.

“This same audience sits around glued to MTV … where performers are doing that all the time,” she said.

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