Shayna Steele Is The New Voice Of Maybelline – Congrats!!!

Steele is voice of Maybelline
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2012

Biloxi’s Shayna Steele, after signing an exclusive deal with Maybelline Cosmetics, is the voice behind the cosmetic company’s newest commercial, which is running on network television.

The commercial, promoting Maybelline’s newest lipstick line, features Steele singing “At Last,” a song synonymous with the legendary Etta James.

A spokeswoman said some very important career deals are “works in progress” as Steele launches some significant solo moves.

After 10 years as a Broadway singer-actress in two Tony award-winning Broadway musicals and a contract with Bette Midler for an extended run at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she has made several television appearances and currently tours with Grammy-winning pop singer Rihanna.

Steele is the daughter of Bobby and Kande Steele of Biloxi. She recently performed in New Orleans at a Brad Pitt housing fundraiser before returning to New York City to record two new songs for TV’s “Smash.” The songs were written for her by writers of “Hairspray,” in which she was a cast member.

In Manhattan, she and her husband, David Cook, are house hunting prior to leaving for their tours — she with Rihanna and he with Grammy-winner Taylor Swift.

— Emily Germanis/ Special to the Sun Herald

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