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Celebrity Tweets 3/23

April Chieffo 

It’s Friday, March 23. Here’s what the stars were tweeting about today.

“And what happened then? Well in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day. ‘Cause he was a coke addict,” wrote Seth MacFarlane.

“Shooting such a funny scene right now with my girl Lauren Potter! What do you call a Becky/Rachel scene? Bechel? Recky? Haha,” wrote Lea Michele.

“Gee. Looks like Al Gore was right. 72 degrees in upstate NY, on the middle of March,” wrote Bette Midler.

“#MyFavoriteGagaAlbumIs The next one,” wrote Lady Gaga.

“Hope everyone watched @TheEllenShow. proud of @CarlyRaeJepsen doing her first US tv performance. hope u heard the preview of #BOYFRIEND too,” wrote Justin Bieber.

“YES!!! 3 MILLION FOLLOWERS! Now I just need each of you to send me a dollar,” joked Nicole Richie.

“So not cool about @KimKardashian getting flour bombed tonight,” wrote Giuliana Rancic. “Such a mean thing to do to her. Kim’s a sweetheart.”

“Energy drink fans are mourning the death of an 89 year-old Thai billionaire who created Red Bull. I guess it really does give you wings,” wrote Joan Rivers.

“Is there anything better than driving to work at 6am listening to James Taylor? No there is not. Ps – I’m really old,” wrote Patricia Heaton.

“Even Geraldo’s mustache is like, ”˜dude, what the f*ck?’ wrote SNL’s Seth Meyers.

“Recycled my dress tonight. So when you see pics…yes, I wore it before. Lol!” wrote Jordin Sparks.

“Hey! @paramore just hit 1.5 million followers on the Twitter! Thank you, thank you. We’re currently finishing another new song for you all,” wrote Hayley Williams.

Jonah Hill was trying to get moviegoers to see his film this weekend.

“I know Hunger Games is out but don’t sleep on #21JumpStreet ! If you need to laugh your ass off and see some awesome action go see it!” he wrote.

The Hunger Games, though, is expected to have a big opening weekend. The film was definitely a big Twitter topic and has attracted many celebrity fans.

“Y’all R talkin’ major Hunger Games luv! My fave part has 2B makeovers. Reminds me of #ANTM w/ H2T (head to toe) transformations! What’s urs?,” wrote Tyra Banks.

“Happy Hunger Games everyone! 🙂 can’t wait for everyone to see it! Such an amazing film! JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS GENUIS!” wrote Miley Cyrus.

“Hunger games tonight!!! who will hold me during the scary parts?” wrote Mark Hoppus, later adding, “When they called primrose, if i were katniss, i’d’ve shuffled uncomfortably, looked at the ground & muttered ”˜yeah, sucks”¦’”

Kristen Bell attended a midnight screening.

“Upon leaving any screening of THG, u will be treated to a special screening of ‘Bumper Cars: Road Rage Edition’ in the parking structure,” she wrote.
“I’m going to watch @thehungergames tonight! I’m so glad I read all the books!” wrote Heidi Montag. “Happy Hunger games!”

“Hope everyone had a happy hunger games! Just got back from seeing it…again! Even better this time!” wrote Glee’s Kevin McHale.
Lenny Kravitz had a special message for his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence.

“Jen you’re THE funniest person I know. Congratulations and enjoy the ride,” he wrote. “You are @TheHungerGames. Love, ”˜Mr. Kravitz.’”

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