Video: Tom Murro With Kris Jenner, Bette Midler, And Victor Cruz on FOX CT

Celebrity Magnet
Tom Murro Chats With Kris Jenner, Victor Cruz and Bette Midler On The Fox Morning Extra
May 19, 2012

Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro caught up with the very fun and flirty Kris Jenner at the Pierre Hotel where they supported the Lighthouse International organization to treat the visually impaired. That same night, Tom also spent some time with N.Y. Giants Victor Cruz and Singer Ricky Martin during the Time en Espanol 50 most beautiful Gala at the Plaza Hotel. The following morning Tom chatted with Bette Midler and Mayor Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in NYC. The always playful Bette was honored and received the Doris C. Freedman Award that afternoon for founding the NYRP and her part in restoring public parks and gardens.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Tom Murro With Kris Jenner, Bette Midler, And Victor Cruz on FOX CT

  1. That’s what i thought, too…lol I love the way she’s just speaking her mind and showing her true feelings more as she ages….

  2. Okay, two things.

    One: the women has been married to Martin too long! That picture…is so a Martin face.
    Two: I believe he miss interpreted her. I don’t think she was “cranky” as he said but more she had a lot on her mind at the moment. I’m sorry, but from other stories ive read, and pictures I’ve seen, I think she was fine! Or maybe, it’s just him! I agree with Chris…the man is a bore and the “autograph for my mom” ummm…ya, great thing to say to Bette Midler as your talking to her and taking a picture with her!

    1. He doesn’t seem like he’s the most intuitive person….my feeling is that he couldn’t come up with the right word….

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