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Souper Facts
January 12, 1994

Ӣ The f i r st archaelogical evidence of someone s t i r r ing up soup for dinner dates back to 6000 B.C. The main i n g r e d i e nt of this f i r s t Рk n own soup? Hi p p o p o t amus Bones!

Ӣ Even before pots were developed to withstand direct heat from a f i r e, soup was cooked by placing heated stones into a bowl of liquid stock.

”¢ The English word “soup” derives from the Middle Ages word “sop,”‘which means a piece of bread over which roast
drippings are poured.

Ӣ The earliest cookbook on record was written in 1375 by the head cook of French k i n g, Charles V.

Ӣ Don Quixote, The Man of La Mancha, ate lentil soup every Friday.

Ӣ Dr. John T. Dorrence discovered the process for making condensed soups in 1897, which helped make soup one of the
first convenience foods.

”¢ On average, Americans purchase 65 cans of Campbell’s Soups every second of every day of the year (includes dry soup).

”¢ Of the top six selling dry grocery items in supermarkets nationally, three are Campbell’s Soups: Campbell’s Chicken
Noodle, Cream of Mushroom, and Tomato Soups rank number 1,2 and 6 respectively. Kraft Macron! and Cheese, SunMaid Raisins and Star-Kist Tuna rank 3,4 and 5 respectively.

Ӣ Americans consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year.

Ӣ In one year Campbell produces almost 11 billion letters for its alphabet soups.

”¢ Campbell Soup sells more t h an 700,000 tons of soup each year … enough to fill the ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth II, more than 10 times.

”¢ Can chicken soup really help cure a cold? Folklore about chicken soup’s “soothing” properties dates back to the 12th century, when Moses Moimonides, an Egyptian theologian, philospher and physician wrote, “Chicken soup … is recommended as an excellent food as well as medication.”

”¢ Immigrants brought the tradition of chicken soup with them to America, where the folk remedy became known as “Jewish penicillin.”

”¢ Bruce Springsteen once replaced his all-cheeseburger diet with Campbell’s vegetable soup and balanced meals.

Ӣ Bette Midler likes her crews to be served different soups every night.

”¢ “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” host Robin Leach calls tomato soup his favorite comfort food.

”¢ Artist Andy Warhol, when once asked why he painted soup cans, replied, “Because I used to drink (soup). I used to
have the same lunch every day for 20 years.

”¢ President Bill Clinton‘s favorite is Vegetable Beef.

Ӣ George Washington had Pepperpot Soup prepared to feed his Valley Forge troops.

”¢ Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “An army travels on its stomach. Soup makes the soldier.”

”¢ There is an , old Yiddish saying: “Troubles are easier to take with soup than without.”

”¢ An old Spanish proverb says: “Of soup and love, the first is best,”

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