PETER ALLEN – THE BOY FROM OZ DVD Extract With Personal Stories From Friends

I think it might be on this DVD…the description comes from the Aussie DVD of the same title. I may order it to make sure!:

Australian-born PETER ALLEN had one of the all-time classic international showbusiness careers making a name for himself with songs such as I GO TO RIO, I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME and the academy award winning BEST THAT YOU CAN DO (ARTHUR’S THEME).

Always remembered for his exuberant and energetic style, his life also brings into focus some of the broader social issues of the age.

Featuring footage covering thirty years of his life this DVD depicts his personal story and includes many of Peter’s famous friends such as HARRY CONNICK JNR, BETTE MIDLER, BERNADETTE PETERS, ANN MARGRET, CAROLE BAYER SAGER, JUDY STONE, LANA CANTRELL and TRISH NOBLE.

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4 thoughts on “PETER ALLEN – THE BOY FROM OZ DVD Extract With Personal Stories From Friends

  1. I’m pretty sure this is the DVD that has Bette singing “Tenterfield Saddler” at the end–forgetting the lyrics halfway through?? It’s worth it, even to hear her sing half the song, as I don’t recall any other recorded performance of Bette’s “Tenterfield Saddler”. Peter Allen was a genius, and I love his entire song catalog. I still enjoy Pablo Cruise’s version of “I Go to Rio”–always puts a smile on my face.

  2. I rented it from Netflix. It was an amazing compilation of Peter Allen’s career, with tons of tidbits, including Judy Garland’s introduction of Peter to Liza as the “perfect” husband for her. At the end of the DVD, after Peter Allen’s passing, there was a remembrance and tribute to Peter by a handful of artists. Bette came on the stage, and with the lyrics to Tenterfield Saddler in hand, started to sing the song. Then, shortly after starting the song, she threw the lyrics on the floor, claiming something to the effect of “I don’t need these”, and continued to sing Tenterfield Saddler, very beautifully and touching, I might add. Then oddly enough, half-way through the song, she absolutely froze and forgot the rest of the lyrics. She covered for herself as divinely as possible by calling herself an “asshole”, and of course, received a forgiving laugh from the audience, before walking off stage–but it stands as probably one of her biggest (if not only) gaffes from the Divine One. I wanted to record the bit, but at half a song, I let it pass. Nonetheless, the portion of the song that Bette sings is as beautiful and haunting as any song she has ever sung–this is truly a song that I would love her to have recorded on vinyl/CD–it’s one of my all-time favorites, as I even enjoy Olivia Newton-John’s version, and Hugh Jackman’s. At this point, though, Peter Allen’s version is the definitive one.

    1. I remember the clip used to be on You Tube but it was taken down years ago,but they aren’t as strict now. I ordered it….maybe I can put it up….thanks for sharing all that so beautifully as usual…. xx

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