Video: Stevie Nicks Singing Part Of “The Rose”

Indeed, Bette Midler, who received the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony on Thursday night, joked, “This thing has been going on for 43 years, and this is the first time I was ever invited? I’m kind of annoyed!” She continued about how much she enjoyed the event before adding, “And there’s no TV cameras — those f—ers!”

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5 thoughts on “Video: Stevie Nicks Singing Part Of “The Rose”

    1. I’m just glad the songwriter’s noticed her ability to make each song her own….she has an uncanny knack for doing that…..thanks for writing in….

  1. Miss M is the most fascinating songstress I have ever seen. She has total control of the art of conveying emotion through singing. And I’m comparing her to greats like Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Dolly Parton. She’s also incredibly versitile. With all this talent and work force, The Divine One should release an album a year. For example: a film themes album, a Broadway album, a duets album etc. Her albums come out so many year apart.

    On Stevie Nicks performance of The Rose: A singer performing with sun ‘glasses on is such a no no. Her voice and gestures didn’t do the trick to me. With a performance like this one I’d never want to see one of her concerts. Perhaps Nicks should have chosen “Midnight in Memphis”…

    1. Very well said and I do wish Ms. Nicks would have ditched the sunglasses because the eyes have such a way of conveying emotions! xx

  2. She doesn’t typically wear sunglasses on stage, and her concerts are honestly AMAZING. She’s a terrific performer…I think there must be some story behind why she’s wearing sunglasses. Something with her eyes or something.

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