BetteBack: Bette’s First Movie Association As Lead In “Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York.” ~ September 20, 1972

Mister D: The film went on to star Jeannie Berlin (in the original “The Heartbreak Kid“) and Roy Scheider (of “Jaws” fame) in 1975…The movie deals with single 30-year-old trying unsuccessfully to straddle two worlds: the one she’s been programmed for from birth–marriage first, life later–and the illusive swinging singles scene of liberated New York City…Meet Sheila Levine, she’s smart and funny, and her mother tells her she’s beautiful. . . . But her skirt’s always a bit wrinkled, she’s trying to lose 15–make that 25–pounds, she just turned 30 . . . and she’s still single. She tries to date and mate, she really does, but disappointment turns to desperation, and after a flash of insight, Sheila calmly decides to kill herself. So she starts to get her affairs in order and writes a suicide note to her loving parents to explain it all.

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Bucks County Courier Times
Earl Wilson Column
September 20, 1972

RUDOLF NUREYEV was at the Russian Tea Room in the 88-degree temperature wearing a fur capLucille Ball is identified as “Luci Arnaz’ mother” in a Hollywood flash saying either Luci or Bette Midler will film Gail Parent‘s novel “Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York.” It says “Luci Arnaz’ mother, Lucille Ball.” co-stars in a screenplay Miss Parent wrote … Dallas Cowboy restaurant’s arranging a pre-football brunch, bus transportation to the game and back, and two drinks, for $10.

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