Video: Recording Artist, Brett Every’s Song For Marriage Equality ~ ‘What A Beautiful Day’

Mister D: A loyal friend, a proud BetteHead, and a successful recording artist to boot, Brett Every, just let me know that his 4th musical effort,  Tales of Ten Men, has just been released where you can find it at all your favorite musical outlets. In the past he has included a Bette song on releases, but unfortunately for us, he has not on this one.  On his current tour however, he is dusting off Bette’s “Come Back Jimmy Dean,” which is also available for purchase!

More importantly he is just now debuting his new music video in Sydney, a marriage-equality song ‘What A Beautiful Day’, with animation by Jo Knox.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!  And remember to support all these fabulous artists I feature on Bootleg Betty. Singing, writing, and performing is hard work.  Don’t take them for granted!

Free song download at
From the new album (out now) ‘Tales of Ten Men’ –
Artwork & Animation by Jo Knox –

Guitars & VocalsBrett Every
Guest Vocals – Belinda Crawford


What a beautiful day
With the sun through the trees
The blue sky agreed
“What a beautiful way
To start a great life together
In such wonderful weather”
Your father said, while giving his toast,
“And that, of all my beliefs, I believe in love most”

“What a beautiful day”
My mom said, “If your dad was alive
He’d be beaming with pride
Though he would jokingly say
‘Son tell me, when two men get married
Who carries and who’s carried?’
Although you know son, well that he knows —
That, with all his belief, the answer is both”

And the bells did ring, and a wedding band
And the choir did sing and the people did dance
And all was swell, because all is grand:
I’ll love you so well so long as I can

What a beautiful day
Both our families
And all our friends agreed
And wished us on our way
And the only one to protest
Was your ex, in jest
And the celebrant gave the government’s seal
That, on this beautiful day, we made a beautiful deal
As the Prime Minister said, “By this beautiful law
That whatever beliefs, we believe in love more”

And even your ex said, “What a beautiful day”

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “Video: Recording Artist, Brett Every’s Song For Marriage Equality ~ ‘What A Beautiful Day’

  1. Honestly, I dont care about getting married… never have. But this almost made me cry. beautiful song. absolutely beautiful

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