Ten Celebrity Friendships That Seem Highly Unlikely

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John Mayer and Andy Cohen Hang Out In New York: 10 Other Unlikely Celebrity Friendships
September 18, 2012

What do you get when you cross a rock star with a reality television host?

Just ask John Mayer and Andy Cohen who were snapped hanging out in New York together on Sunday, making it the second time in a matter of months that the unlikely duo have hit the town.

To celebrate the new ”˜bro-mance’ Celebuzz has put together a list of Tinsletown’s most surprising celebrity friendships.

So who is BFF’s with who?


Helen Mirren, 67, was immune to the womanizing ways of fellow Brit Russell Brand, 37, when they filmed the movie Arthur, but that didn’t stop them from becoming friends.

Despite an age gap of 30 years, the fun-loving Dame – who vowed to frame a pair of her co-star’s underpants and put them over her bed as a memento of their time together – certainly bonded with the notorious lothario.

To this day she wears a safety pin he gave her around her neck and he describes her as “an incredible woman”.

Only in their wildest dreams would anyone ever peg Elton John, 65, and Eminem, 39, as buddies.

However the hot-headed music legend bonded with the once wild rapper when he helped him battle his addictions back in 2009.

While it was a rocky start for the pair – who came to blows over Eminem’s derogatory comments about homosexuality – the “Bennie and the Jets” singer helped counsel him through his recovery.

They might not have the same taste in tunes, but charity work brought Bette Midler, 66, and 50 Cent, 37, together and their love of music maintained their friendship.

Midler was over the moon to get the hip-hopper on board with her New York Restoration Project which creates and restores community gardens.

“He’s really made my life worth living,” she gushed. “50 has been with me through thick and thin.”

For other unlikely friendships check out the gallery above which features the likes of David Beckham, Snoop Dogg, Dax Shepard and even Angelina Jolie.


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