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PHOTOS: Revisiting Salem’s ‘Hocus Pocus‘ Locations
A look at Salem (and a couple Marblehead locations) from Disney‘s cult classic.
By Aubry Bracco

“Thackery Binx? Where are you Thackery Binx?” At the beginning of the movie, Thackery Binx wakes up and learns his sister, Emily, is missing. The scene was filmed in Forest River Park’s Pioneer Village, which is now inhabited by Gordon College historical actors.

It’s been 19 years since Hocus Pocus hit theaters, but we’re pretty sure North Shore residents can still enjoy a showing of this family favorite, especially since it hits so close to home.

In preparation for the bewitching season, we figured we’d bring you back to the Bette Midler hit, which was partially 

With the generous help our our Patch editors – one with lifelong Salem ties and our Marblehead Patch expert, as well as one of our contributors, we hit the streets and snapped photos to reacquaint you with some of the locations from this Halloween classic.

Peruse our captions and be whisked away to 1993, and be sure to watch the movie, but remember – don’t light the Black Flame Candle!

Happy Halloween!

To see the photos: Click Here

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