Video: Inside The Actor’s Studio ~ Bette Midler

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4 thoughts on “Video: Inside The Actor’s Studio ~ Bette Midler

  1. I love this interview. Especially when Miss M gets emotional talking about a great friend who fed her self-esteem.

  2. WOW That made my Day.I’ve LOVED BETTE ever since THE ROSE. I’ve got every movie of hers.& taped every t.v show .How can you NOT LOVE HER.Can’t wait till X-MAS for Her new Movie.It’ll Be MY BEST X-MAS EVER>So can ya hook Me up with Bette so we can do Lunch?This Interview was Fabulous.

  3. I loved this interview, but I felt she was short changed. She was given a short 1 hr before commercials when others, who have been in the business for much less time were given 2 hours. Won’t name names. Sorry if I sound negative, but Bette deserves so much more. Just listen to that crowd when she comes out. She deserves so much more. I always hoped they would release this on DVD like several others who have been on this show. Barbra etc.
    With all that said, I love this series and wish they would do more episodes. James Lipton is a wonderful interviewer and knows his stuff.
    He has been on MSNBC several times after the RNC & DNC, the conventions.
    Back to this episode. When Bette talks about her friend who died, and breaks down, it breaks my heart and shows Bette’s heart. Watching that part now & crying. She wears her heart on her sleeve, that is why I love her. That and the talent!!!!

    Thanks so much Don, I appreciate all you do for us!!!

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