BetteBack 1975: “…Wild, Disrespectful And Wonderful Bette Midler…”

Idaho Falls Post Register
Earl Wilson
April 21, 1975

THE MIDNIGHT EARL . . .Broadway was like a carnival Monday night. Six to 7,000 people pushing and shoving in just one block – wild, disrespectful and wonderful Bette Midler opening at the Minskoff, everlastingly beautiful Ingrid Bergman opening in “The Constant Wife” at the Shubert.

Bette’s cultists wore from Dracula outfits to white-tie and canes and gave her numerous ovations and a huge one to Lionel Hampton. I’m partial to Bette’s talking. Too bad about the Centennial: “All New York’s revolutionary landmarks are now gay bars” . . .”Jerry Minskoff built this theater so he can remember how to spell his name. It has all the warmth of a Ramada Inn.” (Mister D: LOL!)

Bette did an unforgettable impersonation of Mayor Beeme playing the piano. Just raised her arms as high as she could and groped with her fingers trying to each the keyboard….

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