Poll: If Bette Midler Should Guest On “Glee” Would You Rather She Play…

If you have a specific character you want her to play write it in Others space or in comments….

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10 thoughts on “Poll: If Bette Midler Should Guest On “Glee” Would You Rather She Play…

  1. As I said before, I believe she could play Sue’s estranged sister who comes back to make amends for not being there to help Sue care for their sister with Down’s. I could imagine Bette singing a heartfelt song asking for forgiveness and Sue turning her back on her …

  2. If Bette played Rachel’s grandma, she would be playing Jeff Goldblum’s mom, which means she would be….pretty old! I don’t think she’s old enough to be Jeff Goldblum’s mom, he must be close to 60! Am just sayin….kidding aside, she could do anything she wants and it will be great.

  3. Well, she doesnt have to be Jeff’s mother. She could be the biological mother’s mother-Idina. That could work. She could be Mr. Schuster mother or one of Rachel’s new acting teachers. The possibilities are endless. However, I would much rather see Bette in Ryan Murphy’s other project: American Horror Story. Playing off of Jessica Lange would be GOLD!!

  4. Oh that American Horror Story idea was genius! It reminded me of “Misery”.

    On “Glee”, it’s better for Miss M to play a role written for her. I like when she flexes her acting muscles outside The Divine Miss M persona. Who knows she might even get an Emmy nomination for her guest spot, she’s good in that.

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