Bette Seeks Therapy After Las Vegas Residency

Bette Midler – Bette Midler Needed Therapy After Las Vegas Residency
18 December 2012

Veteran entertainer Bette Midler enrolled in therapy after her Las Vegas residency left her battling exhaustion.

The star debuted Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in 2008, but the intense schedule took its toll on the 67 year old.

Midler wrapped the shows in 2010, and she sought expert advice to help her recover after playing for fans night after night.

She tells Britain’s The Times newspaper, “I just got exhausted, burnt myself out. Physically I didn’t have anything left. The obligation was to keep going whether you wanted to or not. By the end I was having a vitamin B-12 shot every night. I was whipped, I really didn’t know who I was any more.”

Midler admits that after the shows she “couldn’t play music, couldn’t listen to music, couldn’t do anything”, and adds: “I wasn’t having an nervous breakdown. I had a little bit of a collapse, lay down, puttered around, stayed in pyjamas all day. Eventually I started talking to a therapist, working out again, picking up a guitar.”

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