Billy Crystal On Bette Midler And Seth MacFarlane

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Billy Crystal praises ”˜giant’ Bette Midler and offers Seth MacFarlane Oscars advice
December 23, 2012

Billy Crystal has spoken of his fondness for Bette Midler, his co-star in the upcoming Christmas Day film Parental Guidance, and offered his own guidance to Oscars host Seth MacFarlane.

The 64-year-old stars as Artie Decker in Andy Fickman’s film about a baseball commentator thrown in at the deep end with three grandchildren to look after when their parents leave town for work.

The film, which was based on Crystal’s own experience of looking after his two granddaughters for six days, sees the nine-time Oscars host star alongside Midler for the very first time.

Speaking to about his co-star, Crystal said: ”˜It was great to work with her. She’s been a giant for a long time.’

He went on to describe the 67-year-old as ”˜unique’ and ”˜always willing to do something dangerous’, but admitted her patience did wear a little thin when dealing with the film’s young cast.

”˜She doesn’t [have grandchildren], so her patience with them was a little worse than mine. So we used that to balance it out ”“ that’s when we started to sing to them, old rock and roll songs ”“ that’s how the song ended up in the movie,’ Crystal revealed, referring to a scene in the film where his and Midler’s characters sing to the children in the kitchen.

The City Slickers star was also as surprised as anyone that the two veterans had never starred in a movie together before now.

”˜We’d never worked together before, we did one benefit together in 30-something years I’ve known her and it always seemed natural that we would have done something. People assume “well, you must have” because there’s a really nice similarity of us that would seem that we would be a blend to people,’ he added.

Turning his attention away from his new film and the upcoming Pixar project Monsters University, Crystal offered a few words of advice for 2013 Oscars host and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

”˜Have a good time, really,’ he said. ”˜Prepare, for different moments in the show, really watch the breakdown and look like you want to be there.’

Crystal added he himself would not be presenting at next year’s awards, stating: ”˜No I won’t be, when I don’t do it ”“ I stay away.’

Parental Guidance is released in the UK on Christmas Day.

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