Parental Guidance: Too Cool For School

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Originally Published: 1/8/2013
Sure, ‘Parental Guidance’ is a kids’ movie, but it’s pretty funny
By Lauren Adams
Junior, Berks Catholic

When most teenagers hear about a comedy that is rated PG, a little trigger goes off in their heads and they say they do not want to see the movie because it’s not “cool,” or they say how the humor is “not funny.” However, “Parental Guidance” proves that PG can be funny for all ages. You really can never be too old for a kids movie.

“Parental Guidance” is about how a grandfather, Artie Decker (Billy Crystal), and grandmother, Diane (Bette Midler), have to take care of their three grandchildren they don’t see very often. Artie has just lost his job as a broadcaster for a baseball team. Their daughter, Alice (Marisa Tomei), asks them to baby-sit so she and her husband, Phil (Tom Everett Scott), can go out of town. Artie and Diane agree, but Alice and Phil are hesitant to leave their children in the hands of Artie and Diane because they have different philosophies on child-rearing.

The three children are Harper (Bailee Madison), the oldest and only daughter who plays violin nearly 24/7; Turner (Joshua Rush), who has a speech impediment; and the youngest, Barker (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf), who has an imaginary friend, Carl the kangaroo.

The movie is a great comparison between old parenting methods and modern methods. Artie and Diane play old-fashioned outdoor games and teach the kids about “tough love.” Alice and Phil raise their kids with modern technology. In addition, they do not say no to their kids and do not punish them; instead, they tell them to “consider the consequences.”

The soundtrack features the song “Home” by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. In addition, famous skateboarder Tony Hawk appears in a scene.

Overall, the movie was great; however, the ending was a bit rushed and predictable. Other than the ending, the movie had great humor and really kept the viewers’ attention. I would recommend this to anyone who loves comedy and wishes to spend quality time with their family or friends.

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