BetteBack October 8, 1977: Does Bette Work Too Blue?

Van Nuys Valley News
October 8, 1977

If Bette Midler, Buddy Hackett and Redd Foxx were to follow Bob Hope‘s advice, they’d do something drastic about cleaning up their acts.

“I’m no blue nose,” says the famous Ski Nose who enjoys a good dirty joke as much as the next man. But he says, “there’s just so far a performer can go before alienating the public.

Hackett, Midler and Foxx are all great talents. but they’ve boxed themselves into a corner by specializing in raw material. I know there are some clubs that are afraid to use Redd. And I also know blue humor isn’t as universally accepted as some of us might want to believe. If I tried using some of the gags I know – in America‘s Bible Belt for instance–audiences would walk out on me.”

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