Bette Tweets: Oscars, NRA, The Vatican, And A Good Read



Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

The NRA comes to NY next week. They want to be sure to give every town a shot.

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

NRA says everyone should get as many magazines as they want. I say, you can’t get a magazine until you can read one.

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Underground Gay Lobby @Vatican uncovered when massive order of “BeachesDVDs found during audit.

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Oh my dept: “@Variety’s take on Oscar show: The Tonys had a baby with a Vegas revue”

Bette Midler ”@BetteMidler

Read this: just what you always suspected but never knew for sure. The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

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