BetteBack September 17, 1978: Did Bette Midler Make Any Movies Before The Rose?

Salina Journal
September 17, 1978


Q: I understand Bette Midler has just made a movie called “The Rose.” They say it’s her first, but hasn’t she made other films before? – D.O., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

A: You’re right. Early in her career, Bette appeared in two movies – “The Detective” with Frank Sinatra and “Goodbye, Columbus” – but in uncredited parts.

Bette jokes her main chore in the latter movie was to observe Ali MacGraw snap the straps of her bathing suit.

But “The Rose” is all hers, and she trimmed off 25 pounds for the part.

How did Bette lose the weight? Her manager swears that for a time, she simply stopped eating.

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