BetteBack September 4, 1979: Bette On Elton John

Winnipeg Free Press
September 4, 1979


When Elton John announced he was bisexual (“You mean he likes girls?” was what some people asked) his album sajes plunged and his popularity quickly followed. But Elton has no regrets.

“I wouldn’t have kept my mouth shut. if I had to do that interview all over again. Ydu know, after I made that bisexual comment, Bette Midler said to me, ‘Why did you do that? It’s none of their business!’ Well, I know it’s none of their business, but the person asked me a question, and I felt like giving that person an honest answer instead of hiding behind myself.”

Elton says his parents weren’t shocked – they already knew about it. Indeed, his Mom is considering opening a gay bar on England‘s south coas

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