BetteBack November 8, 1979: The Rose is still The Divine Miss M.

Winnipeg Free Press
November 8, 1979


She got her start in a gay New York bathhouse, but her voice coupled with her chutzpah have kept her star white hot and rising.

Her movie, The Rose, promises to take Bette Midler into the rarified realms occupied by the likes of Barbra Streisand. But she keeps her feet planted firmly in the cheeseburgers. For example, her two life ambitions are: “I wanna go to Milwaukee in the worst Way,” and she wants to be “someone tall.”

About herself, she says: “I’m over 30 and I’m very what they call mellow. I was very bitter but looking back, I don’t know what I was bitter about. Maybe I’m just getting fat. I’m really trying not to turn into Jerry Lewis. I work on it every day. I Just hope to (dot dot dot) that I don’t turn into an institution like Georgie Jessel.”

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