Bette Midler: New CD Information

Bette and Martin with songwriter Aillie Willis
Bette and Martin with songwriter Aillie Willis

Here’s a little update on Ms. M’s upcoming CD. First of all, it’s not finished yet. Bette is still recording with Marc Shaiman at the helm producing along with engineer Scott Riesett (Smash). The CD will be released by the Rhino/Warner group. While there is no specific release date set, expect it to drop either in the late fall or early winter.

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12 thoughts on “Bette Midler: New CD Information

  1. do you know anything about what kind of cd its going to be? I hope it has her usual ballads & a campy song or two

  2. “and it’s stories like THIS that make me glad Bootleg Betty is back!”

    Precisely! And many other reasons…!

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