The April Bette Midler JukeBox Is Open

12-15-2011 5-10-57 PM

April showers rain down a slew of Bette Midler songs…rare, live, and otherwise! Be sure to check them out! Click Here

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2 thoughts on “The April Bette Midler JukeBox Is Open

  1. Hi-
    I recently found your blog, I wanted you to know that your story about seeing Bette’s show in Vegas and meeting her afterwards made me cry, I have been A Bette fan for nearly 23 years, its on my bucket list to meet her someday any advice you could give would be appreciated, I love the Blog its my first stop in the morning when A turn on the computer.
    Thanks Again
    -Carol H.

    1. My biggest advice would be to go to her shows or wherever she’s making appearances and find out where the exit is…it’s a roll of the dice. Also twice a year she hold fundraisers for NYRP and you could meet her that way

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