About That Video…A Messagae From Producer Marc Shaiman

Mister D: This has to do with the video that was put up on You Tube yesterday that was eventually taken down. I’d like to thank Mr. Shaiman for taking the time to explain the situation to us


Marc Shaiman: Hey guys, I wanted you to know and to understand that was a leak of an unfinished video, and we just want you all to see it when it’s all perfectly fabulous! The buzzkill is whoever the person is who leaked an unfinished video. How mean. How tacky! Anyway, while I’m here, let me tell you, your reactions so far to everything has me so fulfilled. My only goal on this CD was to help make a record that the Bette Midler fanatic in me would want to take downstairs to the rec room and lip sync to when no one is watching! 

We did manage to get some video captures before it was taken down that you can enjoy looking at in the meantime: Click Here

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