Bette Midler Mistook Harry Hamlin For Drunk Man During Broadway Show

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Bette Midler – Bette Midler Mistook Harry Hamlin For Drunk Man During Broadway Show
by WENN | 09 November 2014

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Singer/actress Bette Midler was left embarrassed after she mistook actor Harry Hamlin for a drunk man during a Broadway performance.

The Beaches star was portraying notorious Hollywood talent manager Sue Mengers in I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers in 2013 and came face to face with Hamlin when she unknowingly invited him on stage.

She tells U.S. chat show Live! with Kelly and Michael, “We always bring somebody up from the audience and I always like to have a gay guy… So I’m looking at this guy… and I say, ‘Him’, and he comes on to the stage and he starts talking to me, but he’s talking loudly and kind of semi-violently and I’m thinking, ‘He’s drunk, what am I going to do?’

“He does his little thing, he goes back and then he has to come up again towards the end of the show and he does the same thing.

“So I march off the stage and I’m like, ‘You better get me a real actor because that guy was drunk and I didn’t know how to handle him’, and they say, ‘Oh, that was Harry Hamlin…’ It turned out it was Harry Hamlin and he came backstage to have the meet and greet and he says to me, ‘I was a client of Sue’s and the reason I flipped out on the stage (was because) it was like post-traumatic stress disorder, because she made me feel so terrible the entire time I was her client.'”

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