Pre-Sales: Houston, TX And Denver, CO November 19

Toyota Center
Houston, Texas


(On Sale November 19 at 10am through November 21 at 5pm)
– Only American Express® Card Members are eligible for this benefit.
– American Express® Seating



(On Sale November 21 at 10am-5pm)
Click on the link below and enter the password you were provided.

Purchase Accessible Seats



(On Sale November 19 at 10am)

– Meet & Greet Package
– Front Row Package
– Gold Package
– Silver Pacakge

Denver CO

VIP Packages

Available Wed 11/19 at 10AM. Starting at $235.

American Express® Presales

Available Wed 11/19 10AM ”“ Fri 11/21 5PM. Presale

Available Fri 11/21 10AM ”“ 5PM.

Venue Presale

Available Fri 11/21 10AM ”“ 5PM.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Sales: Houston, TX And Denver, CO November 19

  1. The American Express presale code for all events is: 8005253355

    I tried it today, just for the heck of it, one day after tickets went on sale, and the seats were actually pretty good: Main Floor, Center Section, in the rear of the first floor section (probably about 1/3 of the way back on the main floor). My venue has two floor sections in the center, and three floor sections on the sides of the main floor. My guess is seats will be even better if people try it as soon as tickets go on sale. These are probably the best pre-sale seats for the non-VIP packages.

    Price was $334.

    Also, Mister D, just wanted to say you are doing the best job ever!!! Bette has so much going on right now, whether in the U.S., in the U.K., with a new recording, with a tour, with the press, with TV appearances, radio promos, etc., your head must be spinning with all things Bette right now! Just wanted to extend a kudo, that you’re the best, and many, many thanks for all that you do. As always, xx

    1. Thanks so much for the kudos. That’s always nice to hear…means I’m on the right track xx Also thanks for the password. That should come in handy too! You’re the best!

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