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May 16, 1988

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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rambo, Crocodile Dundee and a dwarf named Willow begin the summer movie season this month with a blast that industry analysts expect to help propel the nation’s theaters to a record year.

“It looks like another record,” said Art Murphy, financial writer for the entertainment trade paper Daily Variety. “The first four months are already $100 million more than last year’s record. If the pace is continued at the same rate, the year will easily exceed 1987’s $4V4 billion.

“The 15 weeks of summer, which amount to 40 percent of the year’s total, look very promising. First sequels of big hits are always strong, and you’ve got ‘Crocodile Dundee II,’ plus ‘Rambo III,’ which is really a first sequel since the original film was ‘First Blood.’ Plus you have a George Lucas film which is not in the same ‘Star Wars’

“Crocodile Dundee II” and “Rambo III” open on May 27, while the Lucas epic, “Willow,” was moved ahead to May 20 in an apparent attempt by MGM-UA to beat the crowd. The company is understandably nervous about the $35 million film – plus $20 million for advertising and promotion – which has no stars, and the hero is a dwarf who protects a baby from an evil queen.

“Rambo III” also seems a perilous investment in view of its reported $63 million cost, including $20 million to Sylvester Stallone. Also, Stallone’s last two releases failed to ignite the box ofice. Other repeats of past hits will be offered for the summer trade

Poltergeist III,” the last film of I young Heather O’Rourke; j”Caddyshack II,” with Jackie Mason replacing Rodney Dangerfield; “Arthur 2 on the Rocks,” again with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli, and a lostly appearance by John ielgud; “Short Circuit II“; plus “Phantasm II,” “Deathstalker III,” Angel III” and “Barbarian Queen II.”

Once again comedy is the strong suit of summer. The original offerings include: – “Big Business,” Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin as a pair of twins who are switched in the maternity ward and find out 30 years later.
– “Punchline,” Sally Field and Tom Hanks as stand-up comic hopefuls who fall in love.
– “Me and Him,” Griffin Dunne as an architect who suffers a sexual crisis.
– “Funny Farm,” Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith as a fast-lane pair seeking tranquility in a small town.
– “Hot to Trot,” comic Bob Goldthwaite and a talking horse.
– “Big,” Tom Hanks as a 13-year-old whose wish to grow up in a hurry is granted.
– “Big Top Pee-wee,” Peewee Herman as a country clod who falls for a circus star.
– “Coming to America,” Eddie Murphy as an African prince in search of a bride.
– “A Fish Called Wanda,” John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline in a comedy about United States-British relations.
– “Married to the Mob,” Michelle Pfiefer and Matthew Modine in a Mafia comedy.
– “Bull Durham,” the lighter side of baseball with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon.

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