BetteBack October 30, 1988: Lainie Kazan Plays Bette Midler’s Mother In Beaches

Anderson Herald Bulletin
October 30, 1988


QUESTION: What’s this about Lainie Kazan, the ever-chubby singer-actress, losing a lot ofweight? Is she sick or something? CW

ANSWER: It’s true that Lainie has dropped some weight. But she did it voluntarily; It had nothing to do with being sick. In quite another sense, however, Kazan tells me she is indeed sick – sick of playing fatsos on the screen. Once a voluptuous sexpot nightclub singer, she now yearns for the old days. So she went on a tough diet-exercise regimen and dropped some 39 pounds. In her latest flick, “Beaches,” opposite Bette Midler, Lainie plays yet another overweight mama. The film is due around Christmas. After that, she promises, It’s going to be strictly lithesome Lainie.

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