BetteBack July 2, 1989: What Was The Reason For The Feud Between Ken Wahl And Bette Midler?

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
July 2, 1989



Q: What’s the reason for the feud between Bette Midler and actor Ken Wahl? Who did what to whom? – Debbie F., Phoenix, Ariz.

A: Tempers of both stars flared when they co-starred in the ’82 film, “Jinxed.” Mincing no words, Midler meowed, “Working with people who want you to fail is the most dangerDus thing you can do.” While “Wiseguy” Wahl wailed that he had to think of his dog to bring himself to kiss Midler in the movie. To nobody’s surprise, the “Jinxed” film finally failed at the box office.

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