Bette Midler Makes Top ten ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out) must-see acts!

Fleetwood Mac top the list of top 10 FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) must-see acts
May 1, 2015


The band responsible for the classic Rumours album topped a list of acts pop fans feel they should see while it is still possible.

This includes golden oldies like Fleetwood Mac along with Bette Midler and Neil Diamond who, to be brutally honest, may not provide many more chances to be seen performing.

But the list, compiled by the world’s largest ticket marketplace, StubHub, also includes those who should be seen now while at the top of their game.

The top ten lists the ever-decreasing Take That, now down to just three members, and Oscar winner John Legend as well as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and 5 Second of Summer.

And fans also say they want to see legendary stage performers AC/DC and Foo Fighters who are touring the UK this year.

StubHub compiled what it calls its FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) FTSE from thousands of online searches for musical acts set to perform at gigs and festivals this year.

Top of the lot are Fleetwood Mac, the US-Brit supergroup who formed in 1967 and are appearing at various events this year in a rare chance to see them live.

The group have had so many fallouts and bust-ups since they first formed that no one can be sure if they will still be together in a year’s time.

Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, StubHub general manager said: “It’s interesting to see that Brits are looking for a blast from the past with the likes of Neil Diamond and Bette Midler making an appearance in the Top 10.

“StubHub’s fan-focussed service offers people the chance to buy or resell tickets via a safe and secure online marketplace.”

Top ten ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out) must-see acts:

1. Fleetwood Mac

2. Ed Sheeran

3. AC/DC

4. Foo Fighters

5. Take That

6. 5 Seconds of Summer

7. Neil Diamond

8. Taylor Swift

9. John Legend

10. Bette Midler

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