Lily Tomlin on Big Business:

Lily Tomlin on Big Business: I had a big falling-out with the producers because they had the gay characters calling Bette Midler’s character a “douche bag.” I said, “You cannot have the gays calling her a douche bag, it makes them seem like woman haters. Just because the rest of you assholes call a woman a douche bag!” I was just emphatic about it and Bette said, “Lil, lighten up.” I said, “How would you feel if Sophie goes to see this movie in 15 years and she hears these guys calling their mother a douche bag?”


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  1. I always got the impression Lily T didn’t have a good time making BB. I think she’s proud of it now but maybe not so much when it was being made…this sort of confirms my impression. Also, I think some of Bette’s co-stars are put off at the fact that she isn’t a method actor (except for probably The Rose). Oh well, in the end, Big Business has turned out to be one of Bette’s and Lily’s best films.

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