BetteBack March 6, 1991: Celebrities Tell Of Their Favorite Children’s Book

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
March 6, 1991

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Stephen King, creator of the horrific hotel in “The Shining” and the terrifying clown of “It,” preferred much gentler reading as a child – Dr. Seuss. The author says in the April issue of Ladies’ Home Journal that his favorite childhood book was the good doctor’s “McElligot’s I’ool.” King is one of several celebrilies who told the magazine about their preferred reading from days gone by. Most of the other selections were more predictable. Gloria Steinem liked “Little Women,” while Ann Landers enjoyed the children’s classic Charlotte’s Web.” Columnist Erma Bombeck enjoyed “Heidi.” Rocker Billy Joel went for Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” Bette Midler opted for “Alice in Wonderland.” Alan Alda, best known as Hawkeye from the television show “M-A-S-H,” loved a book from a little further back in history: “The Legends of King Arthur.”

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