Movies To Watch When You’re Hungover

Movies To Watch When You’re Hungover

Film, ´Hocus Pocus - Drei zauberhafte Hexen´, USA 1993, Regie Kenny Ortega, PR Foto: Sarah Jessica Parker, Bett Midler & Kathy Najimy,  Walt Disney, Hexe, Hexen, Schwestern, Halbfigur, Make Up, Studioaufnahme, PRfoto, PR-Foto,
Film, ´Hocus Pocus – Drei zauberhafte Hexen´, USA 1993, Regie Kenny Ortega, PR Foto: Sarah Jessica Parker, Bett Midler & Kathy Najimy, Walt Disney, Hexe, Hexen, Schwestern, Halbfigur, Make Up, Studioaufnahme, PRfoto, PR-Foto,

Hangovers are just the worst, but there is definitely a way you can make them a little less terrible. Grab your favorite snacks, a blanket, and some movies to watch when you’re hungover. Most of us have been there and experienced the dreaded the morning after the night before. You wonder whose number you have scrawled on your hand, why you got into bed fully clothed, or if you texted your ex. And for those of you incredible humans out there who have not experienced a hangover, I salute you and your apparent superpowers – and don’t worry, you can still enjoy these movies, too.

Having a hangover can make you feel totally on edge, anxious, or just down for no apparent reason. Personally, I think the best way to combat these horrendous feelings is by completely ignoring them. Stick a big middle finger up to those hangover demons and try your best to have a nice, relaxing day because chances are you might be working tomorrow, so you need to catch up on your chill time.

Whether you are suffering a hangover alone in bed or on the sofa with your friends, this collection of movies is sure to be a total treat – unlike that shot of tequila you drank at 3 a.m.

1. Zoolander

Chances are you’re probably going to be in need of some cheering up and who better to assist you in your time of need than Derek Zoolander? I must have watched this movie a hundred times, but I still crack up at the merman scene.

2. The Lion King

Sometimes when you’re feeling blue or hungover, you need the warm hand of nostalgia to comfortingly stroke your hair. Plus you probably already know what happens, so if you decide to take a little snooze, you’ll still be able to pick up where you left off. A word of advice: Skip the death of Mufasa. That is hard to watch when you’re feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, let alone when you might feel a little anxious or vulnerable.

3. Legally Blonde

Yes, there are points in this movie that are a little ridiculous. But Legally Blonde is super silly and heaps of fun, which are two things that make a good hangover movie great.

4. Drop Dead Fred

Speaking of silly movies, Drop Dead Fred is probably one of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen. There’s just something so perfect about watching a little girl and her imaginary friend making mud pies and getting up to mischief. If you’re thinking you can handle a little dose of the feels, then Drop Dead Fred dishes some emosh scenes out, while keeping the general vibe happy.

5. Marie Antoinette

This is a great movie for when you just need something beautiful to look at to take your mind off your throbbing head or distract you from your waves of nausea. The soundtrack is totally awesome too.

6. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is another great choice for ’90s kids who want to be reminded of their childhood and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The fantasy rich storyline will keep your brain engaged and give you a much needed dose of escapism. Plus it features David Bowie in the tightest pants ever invented and if that wondrous sight doesn’t distract you from your hangover, then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

7. Bring It On

If you’re after a familiar film which you might well know all of the words to (including the dance moves), then Bring It On is the film for you, my friend. You’ll be so engrossed in Torrance being a cheer-tator and a pain in Courtney’s ass that your hangover may soon become a thing of the past.

8. Hocus Pocus

IMO Midler, SJP, and Najimy make the coolest witchy girl gang in history. Plus seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in her pre-Sex and the City days is such a delightful novelty. Hocus Pocus is just the right mix of comedy and mild terror for your hangover to deal with.

9. Hot Fuzz

This awesome cop movie parody is British comedy at its best. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost take center stage as they try to unravel the mysterious deaths occurring in a seemingly peaceful village in the English countryside.

10. Ponyo

As much as I love Studio Ghibli movies, I personally know that I could not watch the majority of them while hungover. Yes, they’re breathtakingly beautiful, but some of the storylines and ideas are just a little well, crazy – for instance, the three bouncing heads in Spirited Away – and you definitely don’t want your mind going into overdrive when you’re hungover. Being based around the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of The Little Mermaid, Ponyo is a little easier to digest and nothing too freaky happens in it, so you can sit back and relax.

11. Pitch Perfect

If you have to do things later in the day in your hungover state, watch Pitch Perfect to get you motivated. I don’t know about you, but whenever I watch Pitch Perfect and the flawless performances therein, I feel a fire ignite within me and I come over all girl power-y.

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