BetteBack November 25, 1991: Midler says her ‘Pink Cadillac’ got stop sign from Springsteen

Mister D: But alas, time heals all wounds and yes, now they have spoken and all is forgiven. Rock and Roll heals, you know?

Santa Ana Orange County Register
November 25, 1991



Don’t invite Bette Midler and Bruce Springsteen to the same party.

Back in the ’70s, Midler was looking for a record producer who had access to songs. She went to Chuck Plotkin, who was then producing Springsteen. Plotkin told her she’d have no trouble getting rights to one of Springsteen’s songs. “So I went into business, he (Plotkin) became my producer, and I cut that record – it was ”˜Pink Cadillac’ – and then Bruce wouldn’t let me have it,” Midler told Movieline

“I spent like $25,000 on the track, and then he said I couldn’t sing it- ”˜It wasn’t a girl’s song,’ ” she added.

Proving The Boss wrong, and twisting the knife into Bette, Natalie Cole covered the tune a few years later and had a megahit.

Midler, who espouses, a pretty dim view of Springsteen’s talents, hasn’t spoken with him since.

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