BetteBack July 15, 1993: Hocus Pocus Review – Spooky And Fun Movie

Anderson Herald Bulletin
July 15, 1993


Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker … definitely an unusual combination for lead roles in a film, but somehow this manages to work. At least, it works for a fun hour and a half of lightly spooky, Halloween tricks and treats.

The really strange thing about this film is why they chose to release a film so directly tied to the Halloween holiday in July rather than in October. It’s hard to second-guess the studio, but one would think it would have done better business if released during the Halloween season.

As well as wonderfully entertaining performances from the leads, Thora Birch is great as Dani, the witches’ first potential victim after their return from 300 years of being dead, although they manage not to look too much the worse for wear.

The story moves along quickly, giving us just enough detail to keep things interesting and entertaining. And the idea isn’t really to scare us either. Just to have fun and spook us a little.

There are good special effects throughout as well, although they aren’t really showcased that much.

This is a good piece of entertainment which most adults won’t be sorry to have seen, should they choose to watch it with their kids. Yet it’s wholesome enough that kids wouldn’t have to be supervised, and you can’t say that about too many films these days.

It’s nice to see some quality fun going on up on the big screen once in a while, and this is it!

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