Bette Midler On First Wive’s Club:

Bette Midler On First Wive’s Club: Yes. Yes. I will admit it. It was a big hit. I’ve had the depths and then I’ve had ”˜First Wive’s Club. I knew it was a natural. There are a lot of angry women around and they were rooting for us. I’ve been saying for years, “What are we girls, but the waitresses for the banquet of life?’ I knew this picture couldn’t flop. And the three girls got along really well. Diane is so low-key. I mean she hasn’t even SEEN movies that she was in. I’d look at the videos, and I’d say, ”˜It’s OK girls. But let’s do it again.'” (Herald-Journal ”“ Apr 8, 1997)

Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty's photo.
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