BetteBack January 31, 1994: “Baby Jane of Hollywood” Collects Earthquake Ruins Of The Stars

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
January 31, 1994


If there’s one thing Californians know, it’s that you can’t stay down in the dumps too long, no matter the riots, floods, fires or earthquakes.

That’s why Charles Moniz and Roy Windham, who own the famous movie-memorabilia shop “Baby Jane of Hollywood,” have collected some unusual bric-a-brac and put it up for sale – the sign outside the shop now reads “Genuine Celebrity Earthquake Ruins!” Don’t move, it gets better. Inside, interested buvers can find “guaranteed, authentic” ruins – each one shadowboxed, museumstyle, and complete with a plaque naming its celebrity source.

There are glassware, pottery and antiques from Barbra Streisand, porcelain figures from Ann-Margret, crystal from Kirk Douglas, plant pots from Bette Midler, china from Frank Sinatra and remnants from the homes of Diane Keaton, Nicolas Cage, Julian Sands, Elizabeth Montgomery and Marlon Brando, among others.

How did they get this stuff? Hey, it’s Hollywood! Everybody has a friend who knows a person who works for someone who’s really Someone! And in case you think these guys are a bit too carefree about a disaster that took dozens of lives, you should know that a major portion of the celeb-ruins profits will be donated to various earthquake organizations.

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