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The Capital Times
February 20, 1996


If you want a dandy doodle, make sure you catch Madison Repertory Theatre’s celebrity Doodle Auction at the Concourse on April 26.

Barbara Griffin, director of marketing for the Rep, says they’ve gotten some great celebrity doodles.

John Travolta doodled a jet; Bette Midler, who grew up in Hawaii, sent a palm tree; Monica Seles drew about 15 different doodles — including a sun, a flower, hearts and a bug.

Sportscaster Bob Costas sent a self-portrait, saying he had no artistic ability; naughty-boy actor Hugh Grant drew a geometric abstract; actress Meg Ryan drew a bunny; cartoonist Gary Trudeau drew Duke, one of his cartoon characters; Nancy Kerrigan sketched a skater (but without the sound balloon saying “Why me?”); Hedy Lamar (yes, she’s still alive) did a profile of a woman, and Dan Ackroyd did Elwood Blues, his Blues brother character.

A couple of NBA coaches sent doodles, too. The Bucks’ Mike Dunleavy drew a basketball play, and Phil Jackson of the Bulls sent three — one a geometric doodle and the others of a basketball and hoop and a bull’s head.

Griffin says the live auction will consist of about 75 celebrity doodles. They all are small, ranging in size from about 5 inches square to 4×6.

Income from the auction will support the Rep’s mainstage productions and its outreach and education programs. Tickets are $30, including cocktails, dinner and the auction.

For more information, call the Rep at 256-0029.

If you have an item you’d like to see in PSSSST, call Kathy Foster at 252-6427 or e-mail her at Foster

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