BetteBack March 12, 1996: There Will Be Singing In ‘The First Wive’s Club’

Daily News (Los Angeles, CA)
March 12, 1996

Picture 6

Triple threat: Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn will vocalize together Wednesday during the final shots of their “The First Wives Club” feature.

“They all sing great,” reports composer Marc Shaiman. “You might remember Diane singing in ‘Radio Days‘ and the fact she got her first break singing, in ‘Hair.’ And Goldie really sings. When she started prerecording her vocals for this scene, the engineer and I sat back and did one of those classic takes, like: ‘Well, look at her!’ People tend not to remember her singing, but she even sang on ‘Laugh-In.’ ”

Bette, he acknowledges, has had to throttle down her pipes for the number. “After all, she’s playing a character who is not a professional singer.” Such will not be the case with her next feature, “That Old Feeling,” the Carl Reiner project that’s set to get under way in a few months. “The character is a performer. The script is so tailor-made for Bette, the music fits right in,” said Shaiman. The Best Score Oscar nominee (“The American President”), whose association with Miss M goes all the way back to her club days with the Harlettes, is also expected to take on tunesmithing chores for that “Feeling” film.

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