Don’t I look fabulous? I’m a triumph of science and fiction…

[observation, 2015] “Don’t I look fabulous? I’m a triumph of science and fiction.”

Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty's photo.
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2 thoughts on “Don’t I look fabulous? I’m a triumph of science and fiction…

  1. OF Course You Look Fabulous Darling!! 🙂
    HI Bette, I am organizing a fundraiser for the Avon 39 Chicago on Friday May 20. I am wondering if you do fundraising events? It is a small pizza place named Barraco’s in a south suburb of Chicago. The suburb being Crestwood. (Don’t drink the water) They have Delicious Pizza!! I’m an avid Chicago pizza fan!! Very Good Pizza!! Anyways, what compelled me to help my friends organize this event was when Arianna(19) told me her co worker turned friend -Taylor(19) has a grandmother who passed from breastcancer and a mom who was recently diagnosed. “Taylor was told when she accompanied her mom to Mom’s ,Dr. visit Your going to get breast cancer. You have the gene for it, there’s no stopping it”
    I personally can’t imagine what that would be like to be barely starting out in life and learning this. I mean Wow! I couldn’t help but tear up.
    I know it would mean a lot to this crowd if you would be our entertainment for the evening. I will also have Raffle prizes and a cellist and violin player. I think we would be looking for maybe 45min-an hour. We would be playing it by ear. There are a few hotels nearby. There is a Double Tree in Alsip, Il which would be super convenient. (and the classiest place in the area).

    Thank you for your time in reading this, even if you can;t make it I will always <3 you and be your fan!!


    Katherine Zack

    1. Katherine: Sorry this is a fan site, but there is an address to write Bette on upper left hand column of the site. Don xx

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