BetteBack December 21, 1995: Bette Midler To Make Texas Guinan

Santa Ana Orange County Register
December 21, 1995


At long last, Bette Midler has set up her pet project “Texas Guinan” at Universal Pictures, with Martin Scorsese attached to direct and David Henry Hwang (“M. Butterfly“) to write the movie.

The project will be developed from “Texas Guinan: Queen of the Nightclubs” by Louise Berliner, whose grandfather was Guinan’s attorney during her notorious 1929 public nuisance trial. Her grandfather, it should be noted, got his client acquitted.

The tale of the nightclub hostess not only encompasses the world of early stage musicals, silent movies amid New York speakeasies, but it offers Midler an opportunity to play a woman who would constantly reinvent herself.

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